Best Words Magazine was founded on January 25th, 2017 by Nicholas J Fuentes with original contributors Colin Kubacki and Ben Rabin.

Frustrated by the repetitive, redundant, and just plain bad conservative opinion writing throughout the 2016 election and beyond, a few talented writers came together to create something better, something inspired.

We all know that mainstream media is corrupt; but it has taken a generation of bright young people to see through new political media which has been considered “alternative” in the age of Obama. While the college tours were funny for a moment, the Twitter-friendly pop conservative characters never got around to producing any truly dissident, groundbreaking, or original commentary; but they’ll sell you a mug.

Best Words Magazine is for smart people. For people tired of hearing endlessly about Planned Parenthood and guns. Tired of “top ten” listicles and podcasts with clean infographics about how “socialism sucks.”

We give it to you raw, just how you like it. Our writers are not ideologues, academics, or pick up artists. BWM swears allegiance only to America and to good writing.


Commentary for Smart People